My favourite links. I accept no responsibility over the content of any of the pages this links will take you to - but of course lawyers don't care about disclaimers like this anyway, so here we go:

I support Netz-gegen-Rechts, an Anti-Nazi-Campaign

  "Netz gegen Rechtsextremismus" is a campaign that fights against Neonazis who abuse the Internet to spread their Propaganda

I support Netz-gegen-Nazis, an Anti-Nazi-Campaign

  "Netz gegen Nazis; another campaign to stop Nazis from spreading their hate through the Internet is a project documenting the holocaust and resistance in Germany before and during WW2

Use PGP!

 PGPI.ORG is a website hosting lots of information regarding PGP

Home of a Bastard

 BOFHCAM.ORG is a website giving you an insite into the tedious job of system administration is a webpage with reviews of sport weapons freely available in Germany is a Webforum for sport shooters in Germany - Interessengemeinschaft für historische Industrie-, Militär- und Luftschutzbauten

A forum on historical fortifications