Fort Rinella, being lovingly restored by volunteers from the FONDAZZJONI WIRT ARTNA Malta Heritage Foundation.

According to the guide, their hope is to get the gun into working condition again - the tests they've made showed that the barrel would still be good for about 60 rounds.

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Fort Rinella, seen from the main road:

The main entrance. The drawbridge isn't operational yet, unfortunately.

One of the casemates, leading to the Caponiers and Counter-scarp Gallery

The Ditch

The Counter-scarp Gallery from the outside

The Counter-scarp Gallery from the inside

One of the storage casemates, complete with an old gun.

Another old gun

A collection of old shells

Old shells for the 100-ton-gun

The shell store

A 1-ton grenade...

Loading trolleys used to transport shells and gunpowder bags.

Another view of the rails used for the trolleys

One of the two loading rooms

The 100-ton gun itself

The 100-ton-gun in all it's beauty

The traversing position - unfortunately, all the hydraulics etc. were removed in 1906

One of the loading turrets

A loading turret from the inside - sadly, again all working parts are missing.

This is what is left of the engine room...